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A prosperous city is like a healthy body: a complex system of variable elements that need to work in a coordinated way. Bettergy’s intelligent solutions in the field of energy, environmental and noise data management and environmental data management enable cities not only to function, but also to grow prosperously, transforming the way people live, work and enjoy themselves today.

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Energy Consumption Optimization

Bettergy is a specialist in consumption control systems. We help our clients in hardware architecture to obtain the best result in data analysis, and the Energy Audit service in the different installations of the cities, help their managers in an integral energy management. In addition, Bettergy manages the application for subsidies related to the promotion of energy saving and energy efficiency in installations.

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Public lighting Management

We are specialists in state-of-the-art lighting control systems internationally. We have deployed our solutions on three continents. The Energy Audit service in public lighting installations will help you in the integral energy management of it. In addition, Bettergy will also manage your application for grants to promote energy saving and energy efficiency in installations.

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Smart City Solutions

Bettergy develops projects of analysis of data on energy consumption, environmental and noise at European level, having received different recognitions for them. We listen to our public clients and stakeholders to make our monitoring, IoT and data analysis capabilities available to them.

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Certificados y proyectos de instalaciones

Certificates and installation projects

Energy Consumption OptimizationPublic lighting Management

We are experts in savings certification, CO2 emissions and energy qualification. In addition, we have been developing complex installation projects in the energy field for years. Our day-to-day work is based on going from one building to another, whether it… [ + ] [ + ]

experiencia en proyectos de Smart Cities

Ciudades: experiencia en proyectos de Smart Cities

Smart City Solutions

Bettergy cuenta con una amplia experiencia en proyectos de Smart Cities (iluminación, medio ambiente, ruido y control de edificios) en las principales ciudades del país, habiendo transferido estas experiencias a nivel internacional. Somos expertos en el despliegue de sensores y… [ + ] [ + ]

Redes de sensores inalámbricos

Control Systems

Public lighting ManagementSmart City Solutions

With more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the field of wireless sensor networks, we bring to market an advanced engineering solution for remote control of outdoor lighting networks, having participated in projects on three continents. [ + ]

Gestor energético

Energy Manager

Energy Consumption OptimizationPublic lighting Management

Energy Management is the perfect weapon to improve your company’s competitiveness, reduce your expenses and improve your balance sheets. This is not a cost, but a saving. [ + ]

Energy Sequence

EnergySequence Platform

Bettergy offers its web intelligence platform to scale energy efficiency and improve customer loyalty. [ + ]

Auditorías de Alumbrado

Lighting Audits

Public lighting Management

We carry out exhaustive situation analyses that allow us to know the operating mode, operation and performance of lighting installations. [ + ]

Medición del nivel de ruido ambiental y contaminación medioambiental

Noise level and environmental pollution Measurement

Smart City Solutions

We offer through SaaS (Software as a Service) our platform for monitoring noise and environmental pollution. [ + ]

Gestión Integral del Alumbrado Público

Public Lighting Management

Public lighting Management

The extensive experience of our staff, its highly qualified technical expertise and knowledge of the sector allow us to provide assistance for the implementation of energy efficiency measures that can significantly reduce energy costs in cities by 50%. [ + ]

Gestión de ayudas

renting and technology financing

Energy Consumption Optimization

We assist our clients in advising, managing and processing public aid, as well as private financing of energy saving projects. [ + ]


Diseño de instalaciones según criterios energéticos

Design of installations according to energy criteria

Detección de anomalías

Detection of anomalies

Gestión experta

Expert management

Mejora de la productividad y las condiciones de bienestar

Improving productivity and welfare conditions

Cumplimiento legislativo

Legislative compliance

Condiciones de operación óptimas

Optimal operating conditions

Condiciones de contratación óptimas

Optimum contract conditions

Promoción de cultura energética en la organización

Promotion of energy culture in the organisation

Ahorro (€, kWh y/o kg CO2)

Savings (€, kWh and/or kg CO2)

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    Bettergy is committed to the city of Malaga and other public clients in the development of innovative projects in the field of smart cities. In this city he has deployed different solutions, among them a project of control of public… [ + ]

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