Sustainable Management in Industry

You may know your energy, water, waste and communications expenses in your business, but many organizations lack the awareness needed to positively impact those costs. Knowing trends and prioritizing the changes needed is daunting, costly and generally resource-poor work. Our comparative analyses, inefficiency analysis capacity and proposed operational and investment improvements allow us to see more and better, save more and be more sustainable.

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Data management and expense analysis

Bettergy's Energy and Sustainability Management Platform is a comprehensive resource management tool that brings together data from different sources to provide visibility and insight into the resources needed to reduce cost and achieve sustainability goals.

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Global Solutions

We take the energy needs of our customers so that they can focus on managing their businesses. Our broad portfolio of solutions for SMEs and large companies saves energy, time and money.

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Installation Optimization

Starting from the most demanding energy analyses, we offer a set of digital services through our platform that allow our customers to save money, time and energy.

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Certificados y proyectos de instalaciones

Certificates and installation projects

Global SolutionsInstallation Optimization

We are experts in savings certification, CO2 emissions and energy qualification. In addition, we have been developing complex installation projects in the energy field for years. Our day-to-day work is based on going from one building to another, whether it… [ + ] [ + ]

Auditoría según RD 56/2016

Energy Audit according RD 56/2016

Installation Optimization

With an experience of more than 2,000 installations audited in accordance with European Directive 27/2012 and RD 56/2016, Bettergy offers its clients the best audit service. [ + ]

Gestor energético

Energy Manager

Data management and expense analysisInstallation Optimization

Energy Management is the perfect weapon to improve your company’s competitiveness, reduce your expenses and improve your balance sheets. This is not a cost, but a saving. [ + ]

Compra de energía

Energy Purchase & PPA

Data management and expense analysis

We offer companies a complete service of energy consulting, management of consumption and costs of production processes, serving as a communication link with the Electric System. Within this advice, not only advise on the purchase at a fixed price, but… [ + ] [ + ]

Energy Sequence

EnergySequence Platform

Data management and expense analysis

Bettergy offers its web intelligence platform to scale energy efficiency and improve customer loyalty. [ + ]

ISO 50.001

Implementation of ISO 50.001

Global Solutions

We are experts in Energy Management Systems, and we advise clients interested in becoming certified in the implementation of Energy Management Systems such as ISO 50.001. For us, experts in energy consulting and engineering, the ISO 50001, IS NOT A… [ + ] [ + ]

Auditoría, inventario y monitorización de equipos e instalaciones

Inventory and monitoring of equipment and installations

Data management and expense analysisInstallation Optimization

Following the strictest quality and reliability criteria, we inventory and audit all types of installations. We monitor different types of variables that help decision making. [ + ]

Medición del nivel de ruido ambiental y contaminación medioambiental

Noise level and environmental pollution Measurement

Global Solutions

We offer through SaaS (Software as a Service) our platform for monitoring noise and environmental pollution. [ + ]

Plan de Actuación en instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Photovoltaic Installation

Global Solutions

We plan, build, operate and finance isolated and grid-connected photovoltaic systems. In addition, we are specialists in all the products required for installations: photovoltaic modules and inverters. [ + ]

Gestión de ayudas

renting and technology financing

Installation Optimization

We assist our clients in advising, managing and processing public aid, as well as private financing of energy saving projects. [ + ]


Diseño de instalaciones según criterios energéticos

Design of installations according to energy criteria

Detección de anomalías

Detection of anomalies

Gestión experta

Expert management

Mejora de la productividad y las condiciones de bienestar

Improving productivity and welfare conditions

Cumplimiento legislativo

Legislative compliance

Condiciones de operación óptimas

Optimal operating conditions

Condiciones de contratación óptimas

Optimum contract conditions

Promoción de cultura energética en la organización

Promotion of energy culture in the organisation

Ahorro (€, kWh y/o kg CO2)

Savings (€, kWh and/or kg CO2)

  • Success stories:

    Bettergy helps Enel’s large and public clients to support their value-added services. Starting from the consumption data, it offers its data management platform to optimize consumption, reduce the time and cost of analysis, and improve customer satisfaction with its energy… [ + ]

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  • Success stories:
    INDUSTRY: Matsa

    BETTERGY has finished energy analysis toMATSA,one of the two large copper mines currently in Spain. The work carried out has made it possible to analyse problems in the electricity supply, the breakdown of the main consumptions and the identification of… [ + ]

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  • Success stories:
    AGRI-FOOD: Uvesa

    The Navarrese poultry company UVESA hires BETTERGY to carry out its first energy audit, with a view to obtaining the maximum benefit from it. Following the energy audit of its plants in Valencia and Andalusia, the BETTERGY audit team identified… [ + ]

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