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Bettergy reactivates the customer-electricity business relationship to create a new energy future. Our demand-side management solutions combine a unique portfolio of services, including sophisticated energy analysis, enhanced customer retention and loyalty, and implementation of programs to unlock business opportunities for electric and savings companies for their customers.

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Digital Engagement programs

Bettergy's Digital Engagement solution helps power companies generate huge energy savings for their customers, increase customer satisfaction and drive the adoption of programs and products at scale. The Bettergy EnergySequence platform allows you to identify clients with savings potentials twice as fast and increase participation in these programs up to four times over traditional approaches.

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Implementation of energy efficiency programmes

Today, major challenges are posed in the approach to energy saving in electricity. Energy efficiency measures must be cost-effective and reach customers in the right way for sustained, greater savings over time. Powered by our Energy Efficiency Platform, our programs leverage data analysis and strategic planning to deliver cost-effective results while driving continued adoption of efficient technologies and greater customer engagement.

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Marketing Services

Bettergy works to promote its energy efficiency, sustainability and social responsibility initiatives through creative strategic marketing solutions. Businesses spend more time, effort and money selling their energy efficiency products, programs and services, and are turning to experts for help. Bettergy is part of the best of both worlds: We are a consulting firm trained in sustainability marketing, capable of being more efficient, allowing us to be more receptive and provide a more personal interaction with our clients.

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Energy Purchase

Implementation of energy efficiency programmes

Bettergy offers companies a complete energy consulting service, management of consumption and costs of production processes, acting as a communication link with the Electric System. Within this advice, we not only advise on the purchase at a fixed price, but… [ + ] [ + ]

Plataforma Energy Sequence

Energy Sequence: Plataforma web para la gestión de energía

EnergySequence, permite a las comercializadoras generar para todo su porfolio de clientes medidas de ahorro económico, permitiendo la generación de ofertas en formato pdf para los clientes.   Mediante la plataforma EnergySequence, tanto instaladoras como comercializadoras pueden realizar estudios fotovoltaicos… [ + ] [ + ]

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

At Bettergy we offer marketing services that include: Strategy: The implementation of our services increase awareness of the company’s existing energy efficiency programs through our platform. Content: Through the results achieved, we work on print and digital messages in which… [ + ] [ + ]

Noise level and environmental pollution Measurement

Implementation of energy efficiency programmes

At Bettergy we offer our noise and environmental pollution monitoring platform through SaaS (Software as a Service). After years of research and testing, we make our solution to measure noise with high levels of precision (type I meters) available to… [ + ] [ + ]

Renting and Technology Financing.

Bettergy is a company specialized in offering technological services and solutions. We help private companies and public administrations to define and implement customized solutions in technology leasing. We adapt to the needs of each client. Technological leasing The size of… [ + ] [ + ]


Diseño de instalaciones según criterios energéticos

Design of installations according to energy criteria

Detección de anomalías

Detection of anomalies

Gestión experta

Expert management

Mejora de la productividad y las condiciones de bienestar

Improving productivity and welfare conditions

Cumplimiento legislativo

Legislative compliance

Condiciones de operación óptimas

Optimal operating conditions

Condiciones de contratación óptimas

Optimum contract conditions

Promoción de cultura energética en la organización

Promotion of energy culture in the organisation

Ahorro (€, kWh y/o kg CO2)

Savings (€, kWh and/or kg CO2)

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    Ferrovial’s commitment to the development of services for the smart city  has led the company to seek an ally in Bettergy, which partners with Ferrovial to improve its performance levels with its customers and offer new services that complement its… [ + ]

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  • Success stories:

    Bettergy helps Enel’s large and public clients to support their value-added services. Starting from the consumption data, it offers its data management platform to optimize consumption, reduce the time and cost of analysis, and improve customer satisfaction with its energy… [ + ]

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