Marketing Services

Our services include:

  • Strategy: The implementation of our services increases the knowledge of the company’s energy efficiency programs through our platform.
  • Content:“Through the results achieved, we work on printed and digital messages? in which we tell a story,? the story of your customers that illustrate and motivate readers to take action on the electrical side.
  • Design: To become an extension of the electric one, and we help to build brand, platform content generation, customized electronic mail from the information we generate and information in commercial environments.
  • Advertising  and media: Our multi-channel approach allows us to engage customers? with different points of contact, while constantly reinforcing the messaging? of implemented programs (e. g. Solar Energy).
  • Photography and video: We build a compelling story through videos and photos? for electric customers.
  • Events: We work on events related to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.

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