Marketing Services

At Bettergy we offer marketing services that include:

Strategy: The implementation of our services increase awareness of the company’s existing energy efficiency programs through our platform.

Content: Through the results achieved, we work on print and digital messages in which we tell a story, that of your customers that illustrate and motivate readers to take action on the electric side.

Design: Becoming an extension of the electric company, we help with brand building, platform content generation, tailored emails based on the information we generate and information in commercial environments.

Advertising and media: Our multi-channel approach allows us to engage customers with different touch points, while constantly reinforcing the messaging of implemented programs (e.g. Solar Energy).

Photography and video: We build a compelling story through video and photos for electric customers.

Events: We work on events related to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.

If you need information do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Department at or +34 651 46 87 87 26.

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