Spain brings to COP24 its ambition for a just energy transition

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, raised at the Climate Summit the future Spanish strategy for a fair energy transition, a plan that will accompany the future Law of Climate Change to bet on a sustainable economic decarbonization in the social.


In a roundtable on the link between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the energy transition, the minister explained the Executive’s work on the so-called Fair Energy Transition Strategy, linked to the roadmap for the public sector State shareholdings in companies with activities related to fossil fuels.

It is a plan that, under the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO), seeks to alleviate the effects on the territories and workers most affected by the process of decarbonization of the economy.

The minister acknowledged that there is no “single recipe” on how to socially face the energy transition that works for everyone, but insisted on giving greater relevance to the social responsibility of companies in this process.

The general director of the Spanish Office of Climate Change, Valvanera Ulargui, recalled that “Spain’s leadership on climate change is clear, not only because of the ambitious commitments made by this government with the implementation of regulatory frameworks in time very short but also because of the vulnerability of our country. ”

“The countries of the Mediterranean region have a vulnerability to very high climate change, so it is necessary to anticipate these impacts with an ambitious policy,” said Ulargui, who said that “Spain comes to support an international commitment on climate change more ambitious”.

For the general director of the Spanish Office of Climate Change, “the question of transparency is the heart of the Paris Agreement”, since “complete information mechanisms” are necessary to know and report on the progress that each country is making in relation to its commitments to fight climate change, something that is expected to be agreed in this COP.

Source: El periódico de la energía.


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