Applied research

Since its beginnings, Bettergy has been constantly committed to Research and Innovation as vectors of growth. In recent years, the company has been recognized with several European and national awards.

Bettergy constantly invests part of its annual profits in applied research, having been awarded in recent years with important R&D projects, which require public-private contributions.

R&D&i Projects

Participation in an R&D&I program is a long process that involves the mobilization of many resources on the part of the company. The process starts with the initial application and ends with the final justification of the project, along the way, a lot of effort, commitment and enthusiasm on the part of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the energy sector.

Our approach to new technological challenges is deeply practical, since we direct the research, development and innovation work towards the achievement of new products or services that integrate the scientific and technical knowledge generated during the project. The purpose is none other than to offer our clients cutting-edge technological solutions and maximum competitiveness in today’s market.

At Bettergy we have successfully deployed numerous R&D&I projects, and we continue to work on new technological innovation challenges aligned with the future of the sector.

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