The electricity companies sector

The sector of the electric companies continues being a traditional sector in what to the small marketers it treats, and innovative but slow as far as the big companies.

In any case, some of them meet the same pattern, and it is a poor assessment by the clients with whom they work.

The solution.

This has to change, and from Bettergy, we work to offer these electric companies with our platform, a unique opportunity to retain their customers. We are not only talking about those big industries, where energy is one of the main costs, and therefore key to taking into account, but those small companies, mostly in Spain and Europe, where we offer a different way of looking at the energy bill,

  • Digitizing the information.
  • Proposing savings and opportunities for improvement in a simple and clear way.
  • Allowing vertically integrate the business of energy efficiency.

Bettergy is willing to help change the sector, with a great team that combines energy knowledge, data analysis, and software for electric companies to change their business model.

The challenges of saving and sustainability

This is the only way we can address the challenges of saving and sustainability to which the European Union and international commitments such as the Treaty of Paris, COP 21 of 2015 are forcing us:

  • 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 1990 levels.
  • 27% share of renewable energy.
  • 27% improvement in energy efficiency.

And all this by the year 2030, barely 12 years and a lot of work to do.

In the last 40 years, the rate of growth of the temperature of the planet has been between 0.15 and 0.2 ºC per decade according to the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, an agency belonging to NASA, and to avoid this increase in temperature, we need to do something, but something exponentially different from what has been done so far.

We believe, and we work for it, that we need tools to reduce the time and cost of analyzing potential in terms of energy improvement measures, it will be the only way to achieve those objectives.

“It is not just a matter of offering information, but we have to think that we need companies and tools, that they know how to integrate these proposed improvement measures, that they understand that the evolution and growth of our countries will require greater electrification.”

“We will move to a global level of a final demand with an electrification degree of 17% at 65% in coming years”.

“And that this will require a greater investment in renewable installations, only in Spain 10,000 new MW until 2030, the installation of charging points for electric vehicles that allow changing mobility, about 80,000 points until 2020, improving the consumption of lighting by technologies efficient as the LED, and make the heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment efficient equipment through the improvement of control and operational elements, which according to our experience, in some cases can represent 50% of the potential savings of many customers”.

Antonio J. Ruiz – CEO of Bettergy and CEO of Energy Sequence

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