The entire Malaga Fair will be lit with renewable energy

Another year, the Real de la Feria de Málaga, is dressed in light bulbs that will light the long nights of partying. But this year there is something different, which will be done in a totally sustainable way.

The total power of the enclosure is 24 million watts, with almost 2 million points of light installed. All coming from renewable energies through LED lighting technology.

What is LED lighting?

Lighting Emitting Diode (LED) is a solid semiconductor body of high resistance that receives an electric current of very low intensity, emits light efficiently and with high performance.

Advantages of using LED lighting.

  • Energy efficiency
  • More life
  • Greener light
  • Low heat emission
  • Minimum maintenance.


Precisely, the use of LED lighting technology is one of the improvement measures offered by our web platform for the efficient and intelligent management of energy, EnergySequence.

One more year, the big week of Malaga looks for the environment, and this year with the novelty that electricity comes 100% renewable energy.

Source: Malaga Today, TyE.

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