The IEA warns of a reduction in global energy efficiency.

As every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA, for its acronym in English), has prepared the Energy Efficiency report, where they perform an analysis of the global energy efficiency landscape.

For the IEA, there has been a relaxation in energy efficiency efforts. While the demand for energy continues to increase, energy efficiency policies have been lowered in recent years, with a reduction in the number of new standards and policies in the last 24 months. Something alarming, since energy efficiency is one of the most powerful devices for the goals of limiting global warming.

The Energy Efficiency 2018 report asks what would happen if all energy efficiency opportunities were exploited, all of which are profitable and, in addition, using technologies already available today.

For this, improvement opportunities for global energy efficiency have been examined up to the year 2040, finding that the increase in efficiency alone could allow the world to extract twice as much economic value from the energy it uses compared to the current one. Energy bills would be reduced by more than 500 billion dollars a year for consumers, energy imports would be reduced, and most importantly, air pollution in cities would be reduced, which is currently a key problem for many countries.

The report describes a global strategy, where the most important role falls on governments. The answer does not give rise to doubts: To improve the energetic efficiency in buildings and industry, giving him also an increasing importance to the efficiency in areas like aviation and maritime transport.

What do we do in Bettergy?

At Bettergy we adopt energy efficiency by a flag. We believe that enhancing energy efficiency is necessary for the energy transition, to achieve change in the current energy model.

To achieve this, we have our intelligent web platform for energy efficiency, EnergySequence. It combines the knowledge of energy efficiency, Big Data, and Software, to offer reliable data, intelligence, and recommendations that help:

  • Select the facilities with the greatest potential for savings.
  • Attract and retain customers.
  • Convert energy efficiency projects into savings.
  • Monitor and verify the savings of those opportunities more effectively and at scale.

Sources: IEA, La Vanguardia y ESEficiencia

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