The Katowice Climate Summit begins

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres, officially opened yesterday, the Climate Summit in Katowice (Poland), the twenty-fourth Conference of the Parties (Conference of Parties, CoP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. He did so with a resounding message: “Climate change is moving faster than we are and we must reach it soon before it is too late”.

First, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has highlighted four critical points in the fight against climate change: the reinforcement of the actions that are carried out; the writing of the work program; the financing to fight against the phenomenon; and investments in renewable energy sources and clean infrastructure.


The Katowice Climate Summit (CoP24), which lasts two weeks, should culminate in the adoption of a work program for the implementation of the agreement. The UN Secretary General maintains that a good result in Katowice would boost confidence and show the seriousness of the countries to face climate change.

It is important to highlight the vitality of mobilizing the resources needed to limit the global temperature rise to less than 2º C by the end of the century. Then, “We need transformative measures in five key areas: energy, cities, land use, water management, and industry. Governments and investors must bet on green energy, “he said.

Therefore, cities, regions, civil society and the business community around the world are at the forefront. What we need is greater political will and more leadership with a long-term vision “, he emphasized.

The UN Secretary-General has concluded his speech by stressing that CoP24 cannot afford to fail: “climate change is the most important issue we face, let’s rise to the challenge and finish the job that the world expects of us”.

How do we deal with it from Bettergy?

Above all, at Bettergy we are at the forefront of energy efficiency, and we defend the need for a change in the current energy model.

Source: Renewable Energies

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