The Regional Government of Andalusia allocates 37.3 Million Euros of Aid for Solar Installations.

On May 12, the line of incentives for photovoltaic self-consumption projects and other solar installations framed within the Program for the Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia was reopened.

These grants, published through the Andalusian Energy Agency, are made up of 30 million euros for new applications and 7.3 million euros for those applications that could not be met due to the exhaustion of funds in this same program in February 2020.

This reopening of funds will be destined to the Sustainable Construction and Sustainable SME lines, and may be requested by individuals, SMEs and public administrations.

The intensities of the incentives are:

  • For Sustainable SMEs, 40% of aid, with the possibility of reaching 45% based on specific conditions.
  • For Sustainable Construction, 35% of aid with the possibility of reaching 85% if a series of specific conditions are met. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of reaching 90% in educational centers.

Bettergy, as a collaborating company of the Andalusian Energy Agency, has extensive experience in the processing of this type of aid and can provide all the support you need to receive the aid that best suits your needs.

This line of aid joins those that are currently open. Among them are the MOVES II and MOVES III for electric vehicles and the PREE plan for the energetic rehabilitation of buildings.

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