Urban Resilience, the road to Smart Cities

For the cities of the future to be smart, urban resilience must first be achieved. Cities, and more importantly citizens, must be prepared for changes so that the quality of life is not impaired.

But, let’s go in parts. First, let’s see what this is about “urban resilience”.

What is urban resilience?

Resilience is the ability to adapt to a living being in front of a disturbing agent, an adverse state or situation. Therefore, urban resilience will be the ability to adapt to changes in the urban ecosystem, and thanks to new technologies and the knowledge they bring to citizens, it is possible.

Resilient cities have innovative capabilities, such as: Protecting city assets and citizens, self-diagnose weaknesses and strengths, and also the possibility of anticipating risks such as those arising from a crisis, climate change, natural catastrophes … And more important, know how to act in such a case.

Urban resilience is not left alone in the concept since it represents a fundamental pillar for the future. Organizations such as the UN already show this with their Resilient Cities Profiles Program.

How to achieve urban resilience?

Smart cities will also be resilient cities thanks to:

  • Internet of Things: Interconnection and permanent information of each point of the city.
  • Big Data: Permanent interpretation of data for the evaluation and evolution of the state of the city.
  • Energy Efficiency: Solutions for sustainable development to rationalize energy consumption.
  • Smart Citizens: Participation, learning, and solutions to promote the quality of life in the urban environment.
  • Smart Buildings: Better quality and design of buildings, for a sustainable and efficient consumption.
  • Entrepreneurial projects related to new technologies and involvement of the private sector in the whole process.

Smart Cities of Andalucía

The AndaluciaSmart strategy is already underway in Andalusia, whose objective is to facilitate the process of digital transformation of Andalusian cities. It was approved by the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament last September.

What do we do in Bettergy?

Smart solutions in the field of energy and management of environmental and noise data from Bettergy allow cities not only to function but to grow in a prosperous way, allowing to transform the way people live, work and enjoy today.

Source: Andalucía es Digital.

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