VEA Plan: It will arrive in 2019 through the autonomous communities.

The Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) would have practically finished the draft of the order of regulatory bases of the VEA Plan.

The block management of the 66.6 million budget for aid depends on the transfer of the 16.6 million corresponding to the General Directorate of Industry and the SME in favor of the IDAE.

If so, the entire VEA Plan budget could be distributed through the autonomous communities. Apparently, the highest amount that would have a Community would amount to 10 million euros, running the management in charge of it.

Plan VEAThe new VEA Plan will be distributed in four different lines of support: the purchase of alternative vehicles, development of the recharging infrastructure, promotion of shared bicycle services and promotion of sustainable mobility among companies.


The intention of the IDAE would be to give a greater weight in the distribution of aid to 100% electric and hybrid vehicles, so that this type of propulsion, more friendly to the environment, could receive a large portion of the budget.

Changes with respect to previous programs.

Before, those in charge of managing the grants were the concessionaires, in the VEA Plan, the beneficiaries of the aid will have to make the application to join the new program and the relevant procedures.

The obligation for dealers to assume up to 1,000 euros of the cost of installing a point of charge linked to the address of the buyer of an electric will be eliminated. So, if you want to get help for the installation of a recharge point, you must go to the infrastructure line of the same plan.

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Source: The Energy Newspaper

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