VIK Gran Hotel Costa del Sol: Installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle is a fundamental part of the change in the energy model.

For Bettergy, the installation of this type of infrastructure is part of its strategy to change the energy model, as a growth vector for the coming years.

As a result of the boom in the use of electric vehicles and with the intention of promoting this type of vehicle with low levels of pollution, it was decided to install two double charging points for electric vehicles at the VIK Gran Hotel Costa del Sol.

Two charging points for electric vehicles have been installed in the parking area, within the limitations of the hotel.

The installed charging point is a semi-fast charging electric vehicle charger up to 22 kW.

It is an ideal solution for charging electric vehicles on public roads, in public and private institutions, and at electric charging stations.

High quality materials, stainless steel body, ideal for outdoor use due to its robustness and design.

General characteristics:

  • Backlight: Check and know the status of the car battery.
  • Intensity: Selection of the intensity of load by means of the selector. It adapts to the specific consumption of energy consumption.
  • Design: It is designed with stainless steel quality and interior protection.

Main features of the recharging points:

  • Very low noise level, practically negligible.
  • Easy and economical maintenance, thanks to its easy-access rear door.
  • Possibility of selecting from 1 to 3 connectors.
  • Variable speed in each socket: By means of a display, the speed of each socket can be selected independently.
  • Front display with color and customizable logo.

What do we do at Bettergy?

Bettergy continues its work in the development of this type of projects, betting on a complete turnkey integration for its customers, supplying and installing the equipment, providing its experience in engineering of energy projects, and at the same time managing the different available subsidies.

In short, providing an innovative mobility solution for the change of energy model.

If you want a comprehensive advice or need more information, please contact us: or call +34 952 025 789.

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