Visalia Group

Bettergy has implemented the EnergySequence software for all the Visalia Group’s electricity trading companies.

The Visalia Group is one of the groups that has experienced the greatest growth in the last year in the commercialization of electricity in Spain. In total, 17 of its distributors are currently working with the EnergySequence platform.

The implementation of the EnergySequence tool arose from the Visalia Group’s need to digitalize and standardize all the processes of energy efficiency studies for its customers.

From the implementation of the tool, Visalia Group will be able to:

  1. Digitize the performance of power optimization studies.
  2. Reactive energy compensation.
  3. Contract comparison.
  4. Photovoltaic solar energy studies.

One of the main advantages of the platform is the ability to perform studies with the minimum necessary information and in the shortest possible time.

EnergySequence can perform energy efficiency studies from only a CUPS, which makes it easy for both commercial and non-technical personnel to make use of it.

The digitization of energy efficiency studies will allow the Visalia Group to have complete control of the studies being carried out and to detect opportunities and improvements in its operations processes.

In addition, Bettergy has also implemented a solar calculator for each one of the retailers, which allows users to evaluate their potential photovoltaic savings using an intuitive and simple tool from the website of each one of the retailers.

With the implementation of the EnergySequence platform, the Visalia Group has so far made more than 1,000 offers for photovoltaic solar self-consumption, generated more than 200,000 € of savings from power optimizations and has made more than 500 comparisons for switching suppliers.

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