What is Energy Efficiency and what is its importance?

What is energy efficiency?

In its most basic definition, Energy Efficiency is about the efficient use of energy, does it seem evident, no? Well wait, let us tell you a little more.

Every day increases the production of all kinds of products, which we also consume at a dizzying pace. We do not become fully aware of the amount of energy that is wasted daily in all places, which produces what is known as “energy lags“. What entails harmful effects for our planet in the form of global warming, emission of polluting gases, climate change … etc.

Then, the Energy Efficiency tries to correct the energy lags, for the use of energy efficient and consistently with the world around us. Through implantations of self-consumption measures, renewable energies … etc.

What are the advantages of Energy Efficiency?

As we discussed before, it helps the Environment with the reduction of harmful emissions. It allows savings in transportation fuels, in the production costs of companies, expenses and energy savings. It helps the world in general by promoting energy dependence, improving the image countries give abroad. It generates an undeniable increase in employment because it is a sector on the rise as a global concern for sustainable development and energy saving has spread.

We are at the perfect moment to contribute in a different way to the sustainable development of our planet: Energy Efficiency.

What do we contribute in Bettergy to Energy Efficiency?

We are integral energy managers with a scope of services such as energy purchase, energy audits … etc. And in our work as energy managers, we have developed an intelligent web platform, EnergySequence, a virtual energy manager for energy efficiency that offers monitoring services, control, alerts, and energy improvement measures.

Do you want to know more?

Sources: Efenergía y ACEE.

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