Why do we change our brand?

Dear friends,

It’s a pleasure to tell you exciting news. VATIA becomes BETTERGY. We start a rebranding process, which aims to show some relevant aspects that affect our strategy as a company:

  • We reinforce our commitment to energy, we want to help you save resources and improve your image as a company. In these years, we have been involved in different projects in other sectors. This strategic change implies a clear and unique focus:We are committed to a better world, a better energy for you.
  • Reputation Enhancement: You are our reason for being, you are the one who can talk about what it means to work with us. This rebranding implies a greater awareness of  our customers relationship, and therefore, to focus even more on our strategy and customer satisfaction.
  • Simplify: Another objective of this brand change is to make our work and how we communicate easier. We want to improve our results and a key aspect for this is to communicate better and more effectively.
  • International expansion: So far we have developed international projects on a one-off basis. The change of brand also implies a stronger commitment to internationalisation. We have been able to establish unique relationships with some important players in the sector. This change of brand also implies a clear direction: internationalization, deploying the knowledge acquired in recent years in other international markets.

We count on you in this new and exciting stage, thank you for everything,

Bettergy Team,

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