Why should the latest technologies take control of climate change?

últimas tecnologíasChristina Figueres, former head of climate change at the UN, challenges the titans of the latest technologies to take charge of climate change. Currently, it is uncertain whether these companies will increase or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to highlight those technological titans are already committed to renewable energies and that their importance lies in the power of influence they exert not only on the behavior of their suppliers but also on that of their consumers.

The consequences of the behavior of technological titans:

  • Influence on consumers: Technology companies could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 24% by exercising their influence on consumers’ eating habits through recently acquired supermarket chains.


  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: The Carbon Law consists of halving global greenhouse gas emissions by half in order to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels by 2050. The first reduction is simple and can be achieved with the existing renewable technologies. However, in order to continue advancing, a roadmap must be prepared that includes the latest technologies that must be implemented, as well as the policies and behavior changes that are required. This document should guide the world to a global economy with positive levels of carbon.


  • New orientation for the technology sector: Despite the recent ethical problems regarding the manipulation of users and the use of their personal data, social networks could become a tool of fundamental influence to achieve environmental objectives. The technologies could push consumers towards healthier habits and offer the population mobility alternatives free of carbon emissions. In addition, they could configure mobile phones to promote exercise, healthy eating and the use of sustainable transport. The next decade is vital for the planet and the global economy is expected to change and be more sustainable.


What do we do from Bettergy?

At Bettergy we understand that the advances and latest technologies are necessary to be able to carry out a change in the current energy model.

With EnergySequence, we put our best technology at the service of the planet, to improve energy efficiency step by step, and make our planet a more sustainable place, and ultimately, a better place.

Source: AECOC




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